Mar. 5th, 2017

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Hi minna!

I'm JE (especially JUMP and SZ) fan from Belarus~
My name is Natalia (jap. Nataria), so you can call me Riachan or, as my russian friends call me, Umari ^^

My ichiban is Hikaru and favorite OTP is InooDai and my favorite bromans is HikaKeito:3

I like everyone haha

Sometimes I can post here my translatings, but I prefer Lj the most, cause I'm finally used to it xD

My LJ acc is here:

Hm... I think that's all, so yuroshiku ^^

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Actually, I don't understand why everyone is afraid of the Russians... It's strange, guys, really xD

My country is situated near Russia and one of my native language is russian as well, so most of the time I'm serfing russian sites and etc. Russian sites are the sites where you can find everything that was deleted from other sites - it's common thing a lot of foreigners know. You may know such social network as VKontakte. I use it daily. Ofcs, JE usually delete PVs, Making and DVDs from VK, sometime it can delede even music (SZ esp). But that's all. Really. That's. All. To avoid this, the Russians just shared MEGA links or something like that. Well, VK can block people who shared a really loooots of PV's and other, but it's a common thing. So... who can explain me why everybody so much afraid of the Russians? xD Until you share your subs through the MEGA, documents and other, it's ok. 


I'm in love with JE, so I used to watch everything with engsubs even my English is not good at all. And as everybody moved here, I decided to move here too even I don't understand how to use this site yet xD

Well, I hope nobody will afraid me just because I speak russian xDD



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